What is the purpose of using 3D Rendering Technique?

The word ‘presentation’ is one of the weighted terms in any industry. 3D rendering services is a process of presenting real life appearance of architectural models in the virtual world. In rendering process, art, technology and creativity are blended together in equal proportions. Success of a Renderer largely depends on how efficiently he/she presents his work in front of clients that they can get a detail clear-cut 3D visualization instantly.

Generally, 3D Rendering services have wide-ranging usage in the field of Architectural services. Only Architectural drafting, designing and 3D modeling are not enough to obtain comprehensive ideas of a designed pre-constructed building. It is very necessary to realize how the building will look in the real world after all construction process gets finished. We can make different rendering images based for various situations such as day, night, sunrise, sunset etc. for a particular building.


In Architectural rendering services, different natural and construction elements like sky, vegetation, roads, pavements, sunlight, swimming pool, boundaries etc. are used to make a virtual surrounding for an architectural 3D model. In this process, 3D architectural models are made more accurate by applying various colors and textures. 3D Rendering in architectural services are also done for a building interior and exterior. For interior, floor, wall, ceiling, stairs, column etc. are made photorealistic along with other daily usable products like furniture, utensils, light, electronic equipments, bathroom accessories, several home appliances, characters etc.

Photomontage is a special type of editing technique which is significantly used for rendering services. In this technique, two or more images are joined together for making another new image. For example, suppose we have an image of an empty green field. Now we are keeping a building model on that field by editing these two pictures in such way that it will look like that building stands on the green field.

An architectural walkthrough video is made by combining many rendered images together. It helps us to walk virtually across all corners including interior as well as exterior of the building. Hence, it provides us thorough architectural visualization from all angles. Software’s used in making walk-through videos are 3ds Max with V-Ray plug-ins, Adobe After Effects etc.

Different rendering software’s used in architectural industry are Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Houdini, Rhinoceros, Autodesk SOFTIMAGE etc. Usage of this software’s has made the way easy for renderers to generate accurate 3d rendered images that were not possible earlier days. So, it helps in increasing work rate and reducing time as well as project expenses at great extent. Rendering software’s has brought versatile innovative features which assists renderer to utilize their creativities in more convenient ways. Hope, it will contribute more in the aspect of architectural services in future.

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