What are all new advantages that 3Ds Max 2014 version has brought to us?

3Ds Max software, a product by Autodesk, is significantly implemented across the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry to perform Architectural 3D modeling, 3D Mechanical modeling, 3D Architectural rendering, Exterior & 3D Interior walk-through and 3D Architectural fly-through. It consists of several rich features which helps Modelers, Renders and Designers to create flawless photo-realistic 3D images as well as 3D animations of any construction element.

Beside AEC industry, 3Ds Max software also has a wide ranging usage in Media, Advertisement and Entertainment industry. It has excellent capabilities in developing effective 3D models and it has great compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating system. Some of its versions also have compatibility with Apple Mac operating system, for example 3Ds Max version 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 is compatible with Mac operating system. 3Ds max has launched its several versions in the market. Among them the most recent version is 3Ds Max 2014. Let’s see what all extra advantages are waiting for us.

New facilities that 3Ds Max 2014 has brought to us

It has brought new approaches for 3D modeling services and 3D animation services. In 3D animation services especially Structural, Architectural and Mechanical animation services, the latest version has made notable enhancements in design visualization, motion graphics, visual effects, etc. Several new tools have been added to 3Ds Max 2014 version for accomplishing:

  • Crowd generation – This new feature now assists artists in creating crowd of moving people. So, this feature helps you in getting proper 3D architectural visualization of your project.
  • Perspective matching – This feature allows users in easily fitting any 3D model, for example, Architectural 3D models, Mechanical 3D models, etc. within any still-frame photographic background images effectively.
  • Particle animation – In this new version, the entire particle flow system has become more powerful and flexible i.e. particle flow interface has been enhanced to a large extent. It assists users in generating more realistic and elegant physical simulations within a short span of time.
  • Vector map support – 3Ds Max 2014 version enables users to load vector graphics as texture maps. Users can render these texture maps at dynamic resolutions. Therefore, the graphics will remain same and clear if these graphics are zoomed-in effectively.
  • 2D pan and zoom – This feature facilitates artists to lock the camera registration between the background image plate and the 3D object. As a result, when the user moves the camera the background plate and 3D object also move synchronously with the camera.
  • Global illumination
  • General map creation and 3D rendering
  • Dynamic simulation and radiosity

It also facilitates you a customizable user interface along with its own scripting language. This latest version supports Microsoft DirectX 11 shaders. It also comprises the advanced concept. It comprises the advanced concepts and technologies which are used for today’s modern pipelines. 3Ds Max 2014 facilitates users in loading plus SVG, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD PAT and SVGZ files efficiently. These types of files are loaded as textures within 3Ds Max.

Areas of 3Ds Max application

This software is appreciably used in making

  • Video games and Films
  • TV commercial advertisements
  • Different types of Animations, for example, various cartoon characters in Entertainment industry
  • 3D walk-through and fly-through of any Architectural and Structural building in Construction Engineering industry
  • 3D animations of virtual Mechanical, Electrical and other Engineering objects in Engineering industry

So, 3Ds Max 2014 has introduced diversification in creating designing for 3D CAD modeling services, 3D Architectural rendering services and animation. It assists Modelers, Renderers and other users in improving their efficiency effectively.

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