Influence of 3D CAD Modeling on Building and Construction Planning

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3D Modeling services is a boon to construction industry for high effectiveness and accuracy. Buildings are compound products concerning relatively large numbers of distinct parts that are assembled in multiple sections for different design, analysis as well as construction purposes.

There are numerous benefits of creating 3D Models of a building in completely parametric 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software in terms of productivity, versatility to modify design at distinct levels and considerable reduction in errors that lead to cost reduction.


However, full realization of these advantages entails technical skills, all-encompassing modeling, objects with functional behavior, integration of structural design purpose, automation of layout and detailing. Nowadays, 3D parametric modeling for design analysis is popular, but structural design is still primarily communicated using drawings. Since construction projects vary significantly in their physical composition or in the continuing development of their design make it challenging to compare projects constructed with and without 3D modeling.

3D Floor Plan Blog

With 3D modeling, sets of design documents can be produced by different design teams with varying levels of information and can be merged on single platform.



3D Modeling Services is a wide field comprising of

  • Architectural Modeling
  • Architectural Visualization Services
  • Landscaping
  • Furniture Modeling
  • Product Modeling
  • Site Modeling

3D Modeling Services systems such as AutoCAD and Tekla, Revit are regarded as collections of predefined functional objects, with embedded analytical functions, including an all-inclusive library of the common structural objects. 3D CAD modelers could define innovative physical objects in accordance with the requirement of design utilizing the functionality of pre-existing functional objects. Last decade has witnessed a substantial growth in use of 3D Modeling Services in the Architectural and Structural aspects. Many 3D Modeling Services firms in India and Asia can certainly help you execute your project with their experienced modelers and CAD techniques by outsourcing their 3D Modeling Services.

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