How to Create Perfect 3D Rendering Models

The 3D Rendering Models have given humongous benefits to the construction industry especially in the Architectural and Engineering sector. Architectural 3D rendering services provide a photorealistic view of an under constructed building or site in question. Architectural 3D rendering is one of the most crucial parts of Architectural3D visualization services. Architectural 3D rendering plays an important role to give life to a virtual 3d model. This helps which helps the owners and the builders in their strategic marketing planning, presentations and government approvals

Basic Steps Involved in 3D Rendering Services

A 3D model is created in BIM Software: In the very first step a 3D model of the project is created by using BIM software which could include Revit and AutoCAD. Considering the technicalities involved the knowledge of size and type of the project is kept in mind before deciding which software to use for modeling.

3D Model is Imported in 3ds Max: Once a 3D model is created it is imported in 3ds Max for further implementations of objects in the model.

Mapping is done: Another important step in rendering is mapping, which basically involves the process of how to apply material in the model.

Material creation is done in the software: Once mapping is over the next step is creation of the necessary material for rendering like water, landscape, color etc. Plug-ins offered by most 3D rendering software is absolutely necessary for the creation of materials.

Provide the model with ample amount of light: Perfect lighting is very crucial for the imitation of a real-life scene. It can only be achieved by the right combination of various lights. Once lighting effects are provided to the model it sort of achieves excellence.

All the elements are combined for Rendering: After the creation of all kinds of material and objects they are finally combined to give a perfect photorealist look to the model.

Architectural 3D rendering services include Interior Architectural rendering and Exterior Architectural rendering.

  • Interior Architectural Rendering Services: Today almost all the major construction projects go for Interior Architectural Rendering Services. It allows the contractors to have a look at the complete furnished interiors of a building or a room for that matter. In interior rendering all the necessary elements like furniture, color, texture etc are added to the model giving it a photorealistic look.
  • Exterior Architectural Rendering Services: In exterior rendering the outer look of the building is given a photorealistic view by adding elements like water, sky, greenery and parking space etc. Exterior Architectural Rendering gives an overall view of a building in consideration. It helps in the broad analysis of the project.

So the above mentioned description of rendering makes it clear that how important it is for a construction project. It adds a lot of value to the building and kind of increases its sale if it’s meant for that.

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