Architectural Animation: A Short Video For Comprehensive View

Architectural Animation is a short digital architectural movie consisting of the involved project or construction, the site, animated individuals and vehicles, most of which are digitally generated via 2D or 3D animation techniques. In contrast to an architectural rendering, which is a single image from a particular viewpoint, an architectural animation is a string of such still images.

As soon as these strings of pictures are assembled in sync and played, they generate the result of a movie, similar to a real movie video except, all images in an architectural animation are digitally created by computer. It is ideal to add a computer-generated digital landscape around the principal construction to enhance its visual effect and to better deliver its relationship to the surrounding area. Architectural animation is thus an efficient and attractive way to provide designers and stakeholders with a realistic view of exactly what the project will appear like on completion.

3D Architecture & Animation

3D Architectural Animation is very efficient and user-friendly for the observers in terms of a realistic visualization of the construction idea concerning the building from all angles in addition to a visual on core construction activities.

Concepts of computer graphics and 3D animation assist in developing highly realistic 3D architectural animation of any development, and it provides an entirely authentic idea of the finished product or building to the client.

Designers or architects emboss their designs or plans on paper sheets consequently enabling them to be comprehensible for the clients by means of labeling. Nowadays, different 3D animation software have been released in the market, which aids designers to display their plans in a more simplistic and legible manner.

Moving at par with industry standards, professional animators also use 3D animation strategies to prepare 3D project models, 3D house plans, 3D construction plans, and 3D framework plans to offer a detailed analysis of the complete construction process.


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