3D Architectural Rendering Services and Tesla!

Black and white is a long gone era! It is all about color today! To stand apart, you need to put up the most appealing and exciting presentations to back your concepts and ideas. For effective, beautiful and amazing visualization outputs, you know who to refer to!  Yes, you got that right – it is Tesla indeed! At Tesla, we have an exceptional team of Rendering Artists that bring your concepts to life with their amazing skills and creativity!

The project that I am going to share with you all today is an Architectural Exterior Rendering project. The project covered a large site with a series of houses. We were required to create 8 Renderings at eye level on Street view and 1 Rendering in an overview for presentation purpose.

The client provided us with the Revit files of the models as well as examples of texturing he required along with sample image demonstrating the quality required.


This image demonstrates the camera angles that we were to take.

We exported the Revit files to 3DS max as it gives more photorealistic and better quality renderings. Our renderers applied textures to the 17 buildings and site; added trees, cars and people as well as made adjustments to the lighting to add realism, keeping in purview the client’s specifications and requirements.  Thereafter the camera angles were set for the respective views and rendered with required plugins.

Architectural Exterior Rendering Sample

This image you see is the bird eye view for the project.

We have worked on over 500+ Rendering Projects covering exterior renderings, interior renderings, 3D floor plans, Walkthroughs and more. Take benefit of our extensive experience and exposure in the Architectural Industry teamed with the inherent creativity and knack of our renderers! Contact us today for to avail the best of 3D Architectural Rendering Services at most reasonable pricing!

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